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High Efficiency
Video Coding

Access a worldwide pool of patents
essential to HEVC/H.265.

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We welcome
HUMAX Co., Ltd.
as a Licensor and
Licensee of the
HEVC Advance
Patent Portfolio

Company Overview

HEVC Advance LLC is an independent licensing administrator formed to support the rapid and widespread adoption of the new HEVC/H.265 video compression standard by enabling companies using HEVC/H.265 to quickly and efficiently obtain licenses to a large portfolio of crucial patents essential to implementing the HEVC/H.265 standard.

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HEVC Advance licenses a worldwide pool of patents essential to HEVC/H.265.

The terms of HEVC Advance’s license are provided in the HEVC Advance Patent Portfolio License Agreement, which you can request by clicking the link below.






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ETRI Joins HEVC Advance

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