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Patent List

HEVC Advance Licensors

The founding licensors of HEVC Advance played significant roles in the development of the HEVC/H.265 standard. They contributed technologies that differentiate HEVC from prior-generation video compression standards. Our founding licensors contributed new and fundamental design/features of the HEVC/H.265 standard.

Since our founding, other licensors have joined HEVC Advance. The current list of HEVC Advance licensors is available below and is updated as new licensors with essential patents join our pool.

Download List of Licensors

HEVC Advance Patent List

Although an HEVC Advance Patent Portfolio License covers all of the Licensors’ essential HEVC/H.265 Patents, each Licensor has submitted patents for rigorous and independent evaluation for essentiality to the standard.  The list of patents determined to be essential can be downloaded below. The evaluation of patents is ongoing, and the list will be updated as new patents are determined to be essential.

Download Patent List (PDF) Download Patent List (Excel)